Teaming it up! this is crazy! I’m going to go so far as to say… they has the talent?! crazy! they flash a email address somwhere in there ‘cos they take bookings. Awesome!

Moar team twerking, as you can see. Team twerking differs most from twerking in that a ‘team’ of participants twerk together.

Now do that pretty girl twerk!

A chocolate elmo, gets twerked! skip to 9mins! hahah ummmm NSFW OR SOMETHING.

Have you seen the twerk? it’s like twerk team but it’s a solo performance

or maybe you’re looking for a twerking tutorial or more twerking resources

Support the team, grab a t-shirt! available in mens, womens, childrens and infants in a variety of cuts and colors and not expensive either! get on it!

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